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August – Slow Down

This might sound silly, but after some time away from normal everyday life & routine – time to think and breathe and just be, I thought: I’ve been pressuring myself to work on my future career, and it’s become unenjoyable. I’ve been binge-doing because I wanted to ship something, but I stopped enjoying the process along the way. Shipping is important, but so is enjoying life. I need more balance.

I thought about how to get better balance (as in: variety in life! Not just working on a future career – I need some living-in-the-moment, some fun with friends, some new clothes, some physical activity – and so on!), and went shopping for a few things (I am an under-buyer, so I have to really push myself to spend money) – things I’ve been thinking about buying for months and months. I’ve signed up for a new yoga school that is hopefully super nice. (I haven’t been to yoga for 1½ years because 1) my left wrist hurt and I couldn’t put weight on it – my GP basically said it was an RSI-type thing due to carrying children, and 2) the yoga school that I was going to was dowdy and a bit depressing.)

In other news, I currently have 42 habits that I’m trying to cultivate! No wuzzas.

Some of the easiest:

  • Book every day
  • Doodle every day

Some of the hardest (for me):

  • Show ❤️ with your actions
  • Find my people
  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Curb your ego



So after the figuring-out-that-you’re-unhappy and the working-on-it and the exploring-ways-to-be-happier and the changing-things-in-your-life and then figuring-out-that-you-gain-happiness-from-personal-growth and the working-on-that and then getting-frustrated-you-don’t-know-what-to-get-better-at and the reading-books-on-that and the exploring-different-options and then the changing-your-life-with-fewer-distractions and gaining-more-discipline and finding-out-more-what-you-like-doing and then working-at-it and working-at-it and working-at-it and feeling-pretty-good-because-you’re-disciplined-and-working-on-stuff and also understanding-that-you-can-enjoy-the-process-not-just-a-finished-product and experiencing-general-satisfaction-and-wellbeing (breath!) maybe, just maybe, you get to a day where you’re-putting-work-into-things-but-don’t-really-have-anything-to-show-for-it and maybe, just maybe, you think: What will make me feel like I’ve actually done something / gotten somewhere / got something to show for my work? And you think about it and decide: I need to have a “ship” list. And: I need to figure out what I can produce, at the end of the day/week/month/year, that will make me feel like I’ve gotten somewhere and made something. And ship it!


P.s. We received the first feedback from one of our trial run customers and it was very positive, which is excellent! I’ve registered the business name and all that shebang, so now we are working on finalising the product and suppliers and costs and so on. I guess all my life I’ve been accustomed to making things in companies, so when you think up an idea, you have various people making it happen, and you have a project timeline that seems entirely reasonable – plan all phases, work on phase 1, prototype, test, phase 1 launch, refine, work on phase 2, prototype, test, phase 2 launch, refine, etc. But when it’s just a couple of people, and it’s not your full-time job… whoa! That timeline looks BONKERS. Like, it’s going to take years until you have a product together! Okay then. I’ll keep working.


I tried. I thought I was doing the right thing. I made lists and lists in my paper planner – LIFE ORG, LOVE, WRITING, ME, NEWBY, WORK, HOME – and months went by.

I still have this super cute planner that I take everywhere, and all the tasks get out of my head and onto paper, which is great, but they don’t… actually… get… done.

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Paper Planner

For the past few years I’ve used Trello as my planner (one for personal, one for work, one for each project/client, and so on!) and I’ve loved it.

Here’s my personal planner in Trello:

A side effect of being a parent, however, is that I’m not using electronic devices 24/7. For some reason, the last thing I want to do while the baby is napping is to get out my computer and look at emails or my planner or… anything, really. Same goes for my phone.

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Midnight Scrawl

Ha, ha, ha. I’m so funny! “I’ll write every night.” “It doesn’t matter if it’s 10:00pm!” “I can get a rhythm with this, I just need to be a night-writer.” “This dark house is mine.” Oh, so funny!

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