50 Wardrobe

Two months ago, I was inspired by my friend Jude, who culled her wardrobe down to only 50 items. She put the rest of her outfits away; out of sight & out of mind. I loved the idea, and when I moved house in October, I did the same.

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Luck VS. Control

One of the 1,000,000 things I learned this year was that both men and women are more likely to attribute women’s achievements to good luck (or having a hand-up, or a hand-out) than to their innate talents, learned skills, or effort and hard work. This goes for your own achievements, too, if you’re a woman. You are more likely to attribute your own achievements to luck / hand-up / hand-out. That’s nuts.

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Presents and Parents

I love my parents. They are very good to me. They are generous, kind and loving. (We also have our differences, but that’s another story.) When it comes to Christmas-time, or birthday-time, it is so hard to think of something that will — well — when I think about gifts, I try to think about the person opening their gift. What’s their reaction?

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The Yucca Tree

When I look outside, sometimes the Yucca tree has fallen over. I sigh in an exaggerated fashion, and exchange glances with the dog, who sits beside me at his specially constructed desk, which was made with love by our carpenter-friend, Craig. 

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4 Eye Makeup Favourites

When I did a personal style project earlier this year, and I looked for styles that appealed to me, as in, “I want to look like that,” I found some common factors on my Style pinboard. One was a 1960s eye makeup style.

I’m not saying I can do it perfectly or that I try to emulate these exactly, but I love this look! I hardly own any makeup, but now I wear eye makeup everyday.

Call me crazy,* but I wanted to share 4 of my favourites.

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