Lost People

My iPhone 4 was borked, so I restored it to factory settings. Even though I restored from backup, I lost some apps, podcasts and settings along the way. I hadn’t been listening to podcasts as much because I don’t have a daily commute to work, but I wanted to get them back in my life – some episodes have been so thought-provoking, stunning, interesting… I started taking my headphones and phone on my daily walks with the dog, and got back into podcasts.

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Fear and Confrontation

I used to think that I was scared of certain types of people. That is: people who are quick to judge, quick to turn on you, make assumptions without checking facts, act one way to your face and another way behind your back, or, maybe in a work context, treat you with contempt by ignoring you or overriding your decisions. Etc. That’s a lot of different behaviours – and there are many more, that I haven’t mentioned – but hopefully, you get my gist.

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Snapshot – Melbourne Now

I wish I could show more of this fantastic, colourful exhibition at the NGV, but the website is terrible and doesn’t give you an idea of what it’s like at all! In fact, from reading about Melbourne Now my impression was that it was just free talks and other events, and maybe some sculptures thrown around Melbourne, but it is actually a full exhibition in the main part of the NGV.

I was at the NGV for another exhibition (the Art Deco one – which is great, but was mostly photographs of women and mannequins showcasing women’s fashion, and the thought “the woman is objectified” kept bouncing around my head: these were women being presented up to society not for their brains or their actions, but for their beauty, stylishness, celebrity status, and as works of art) and even then I didn’t know that there was a main exhibition on… I thought that part was closed off. It wasn’t until a friend commented on my photo (above) on Instagram and told me to go and see an artwork in the main exhibition that I explored that area… Nuts! I was rushed for time, but will be returning before 23 March to have a proper look.

Be Bold

Don’t be mousy. Don’t be mousy.

I go to the bookshop counter, thinking these instructions; preparing myself so that I won’t speak naturally (in a mousy way), but instead, so I will speak like someone who is confident and comfortable.

“Hey, do you have Time Out magazine?”

The guy points to some shelves in the corner. “Yeah, over here…”

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