Startup Weekend Melbourne Women, Part 2

(This is Startup Weekend Melbourne Women, Part 2: The Projects. You can also read Startup Weekend Melbourne Women, Part 1: The Schedule.)

Whoops, I took a while to complete this second part! But here we go.

The Projects

In the end, there were 7 teams and 7 startup pitches. As with my summaries of the pitches at She Hacks, I’m not judging the same way that the judges would, but I’d like to talk about the startup ideas and share my thoughts on them.

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Beautiful Scents

I am a fragrance nut. I have more perfumes than I could wear in a lifetime, and sometimes when I’m not feeling great I’ll buy something that smells reeeaaaaalllly nice. My last such pick-me-up was Perfect Potion’s Jet Setter Aromatic Mist. I was craving something that would give a little energy boost, and it fit the bill – I like the lemon and peppermint. (Yes, I also have Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy!)

There are many things that smell really good, but it’s only once in a blue moon that you find something that smells amazing; when the ingredients make a new kinda scent that’s both subtle and fascinating. And for my birthday this year, my beloved friend Peggy sent me a gift that… is all that.

It’s the Little Box of Goodies (Favourites collection) by Vice and Velvet. The soaps smell fantastic, but the scrub and the mousse have these delicious flavours that I haven’t quite come across before.

If you have any other scent recommendations, please share!


Work, Side Projects, Meetups

Any remnant writing routines I had have jumped out the window. I wrote a draft about the pitches at Startup Weekend Melbourne Women (from 18 May! crikey!) and it’s still waiting to be finished. I’ve been working lots, and going home tired, and spending weekends preparing for this new job, “Parent,” which I hope to get in November. I kinda like the title — it’s not fluffy or buzzwordy.

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Pregnancy Bug Reports


Steps: Went off the pill.
Expected result: Get pregnant at some point. Probably will take months.
Actual result: Took 2 months.

Steps: Got pregnant.
Expected result: That’s it. You’re pregnant.
Actual result: First 13 weeks filled with anxiety, because 1 in 4 (some even say 1 in 3) pregnancies fail in first trimester. This thing is basically still completely up in the air!

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