Small Updates

My theme for April is Coursera. I’m behind on my arguments course, but I’m still loving it. I’m up to unit 3: Inductive Arguments. Taking a university subject is stimulating. I feel good from learning and doing the exercises and quizzes. I’m glad I’m only taking one, though!

ION: I felt like I was failing at my attempt to make a living from freelancing, then some work fell in my lap. I was struggling with some aspects of Girls Club, then some people offered to help. I had a bad go of it with mistakenly trusting some people and being burned (I have learned, once and for all, that my overflowing optimism thwarts any attempts I might make to accurately read or assess people), but at the end of the day, I come home to a man and a dog who love me, and everything else is relative to that.

I’m continuing with artist dates (my date this evening is a School of Life class called “How to be Confident”), morning pages, Coursera, this site, finding freelance work… and Kate Storey and I have discussed our aspirations, and we’re going to start working together on Mondays in the same space; partially on our own projects, but also we’re collaborating on a project she’s been thinking about, which she described to me, and I really like the idea. I think it will involve meeting new people every week.

I’ve been working out of White Labelled this week, and oh boy! Owners/management sure do shape their company. I’ve worked in places where no one talks to each other, and it’s because the management doesn’t ever do that: they don’t collaborate, they don’t go around and talk to anyone, they don’t communicate well. But at WL, the management talks. They walk over to people, they discuss things, they communicate, they stop for chit-chat. Blessed be the office where everyone is talking!

Inspired / Stuck

I was listening to episode 9 of Back to Work yesterday, and Merlin Mann was talking about how (paaaarraapphrrraasseddd) thinking doesn’t get us doing-what-we-want-do-be-doing. Only doing gets us there. For example, writing gets us writing. Not thinking about writing. I need to be regularly reminded of that.

I slowed down on my 1,000 words per day habit because I made Work (freelance work) my new priority. And, duh! Of course I have been starting to struggle with writing, and updating the site, and even communicating and sharing thoughts. I need to backtrack and make Work and Words both a priority – maybe on different days of the week.

Yesterday I had a wonderful, inspiring catchup with a friend, Kate Storey. She is in the same position as me – isn’t sure that she wants to work full-time anymore, because she would like to pursue her own projects, so she’s thinking about working part-time and having a day or two to herself, to work on her own ideas. We’re going to work one day a week together, in the same space. I really want to find a group of people like this… so that we can all work alongside each other, and inspire each other, but I can’t seem to find the right people!

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This is the first day I haven’t had a post ready on time. I have a schedule of Tue/Thu/Sat but… well… I wasn’t sure what to say on Thursday until past midnight, when I was reading a post in a Lean In Circle and someone linked to this video! I am such a dope. I bookmarked the Lean In Lectures page after the Creating a Level Playing Field video blew me away, but I hadn’t been through all the other ones. So I missed what I’ve been searching for, for a loooooong time. It was right under my nose.

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