X begets X

I think that many human behaviours beget more of the same. Sadness begets sadness: maybe you are feeling sad, maybe you listen to sad music, maybe you talk in a sad way, and maybe you attract other sad people, find more sadness in the world, and feel more sad because of it all. Anger begets anger. Energy begets energy. Happiness begets happiness. Sarcasm begets sarcasm. Meanness begets meanness.

We mimic and influence each other, so if someone is pessimistic, then their friends may gradually become more pessimistic, and they’ll all reinforce each other.

We also notice the thing we’re interested in (like when you’re thinking about buying a new car, and all of a sudden you keep noticing the exact car you want, all the time, when you’re out and about!), so if someone is making a conscious effort to be generous, they will keep noticing other generous people and anything else to do with generosity.

The Notebook That Goes Everywhere With You

So… a Muse Notebook. If you are interested in being more creative, then we are looking at Creativity begets Creativity and Art begets Art and Ideas beget Ideas. Those sorts of concepts (and more). Mine is a Muse Notebook. You might call it an Idea Diary, or you might want an Art Book, or something else… Whatever you want to increase in your life.

Find a small notebook and pen that you will be happy to carry around with you at all times. That part is important. This goes where you go. To the movies? To brunch? Down the street, to the post office? This notebook goes with you!

Get into a habit of using the notebook every single day. You might need to set a daily reminder at first. Look at those empty pages. Add something if you can.

Add and browse ideas. You might write a tiny idea for a story. Or something you want to make. Or an idea for a new app. Anything! Try to add something every day, even if it’s possibly the worst idea in the world. Steep in your previous ideas. Re-consider them. See if they trigger any new thoughts.

Add inspiration. Write down things that feed into ideas. A weird overheard conversation. The difficulty that someone was having with their iPhone on the train. A word that is new to you. A sentence that will only make sense to you, about a movie that you just saw and adored.

Scribble in the margins and in-between the lines. Write on the intro and outro pages. Run out of space. If you have a blank page, just add the name of your favourite book, or something like that. Little seeds that will create tiny faint new ideas.

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