Do you ever look back on a year (or half a year – or a set of years!) and think, “Man, that is a blur. What did I do during that time?” And maybe you vaguely remember that you were at a certain job, and you had a certain housemate, and you used to go a certain bar after work, and vaguely… ummmm, you guess that the year was basically okay?

Well, that’s what was happening to me. I didn’t like that years were disappearing and I couldn’t remember much about them. Around halfway through last year, I thought about combatting this problem with the idea of a monthly theme – to focus on one interest at a time.

With the monthly theme, I feel like I’m getting somewhere with one area of interest. When distractions pop up – new directions to investigate, new interests, etcetera – I can put them to one side, and consider them for another month, another theme. And yes, a side benefit is that I can actually remember what I’ve done, and that feels good! I can think back and say, “What did I do last year? Well, that was the year of A, B, and C… oh and X, Y Z…”

For 2014, the year’s theme is Craft.

For the month of January, the theme is “1,000 Words,” to purely focus on my desire to get into a habit of writing 1,000 words every day. This will be an ongoing habit for the whole year, but I want to focus on it for one month before introducing anything else into the mix.

For February, I’m considering the theme “Street Writer,” because so far I’ve been writing at home, and some people believe that you can’t write well if you don’t observe the world. (Others believe that solitude, quiet and sensory deprivation lead to creating imaginary worlds, but I want to try both theories.)

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