This is another concept outlined in The Artist’s Way – a book designed to help you be more creative – and you can see the author’s introduction here: Artist Dates.

The gist:

Every week, take yourself on a date.
Do something that you find fun.

I started artist dates a year ago, and I have to say, this is probably my worst creative activity (as in: I’m bad at it).

This might seem crazy, but I’m not great at having fun alone.

When it comes to watching a movie or videos online, shopping or window shopping for fun things, relaxing at the beach, visiting the safari park, checking out a new restaurant, spending time at the museum or an art gallery, I’m absolutely hopeless if I’m by myself. I just don’t do it. The only solo activities that are easy for me are classes, talks, and “serious” events like that, because then I’m learning, studying, listening, and working. With everything else, I feel… like I’m wasting my time.

And yet, if I do any of those things with friends (movies, restaurants, shopping…), then it feels like a social outing, like I’m doing it for them, and I don’t get that guilt.

Dumb, right?

So! This year (2014), I want to smash that dumb feeling and find something fun to do every week. (If you have any tips or ideas, please share!)

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