Quick Intro!

Want to be more creative, and don’t know where to start? Here are my suggestions.

  1. Watch the John Cleese on Creativity video.
  2. Get The Happiness Project book, and make your way through Gretchen Rubin’s experiments and ideas. Improving your life in every sense makes a really good foundation for you to be more creative.
  3. Make Space.
  4. Make a Me Book.
  5. Try Morning Pages for one week.
  6. Try Artist Dates for one month.
  7. If you like all that, try The Artist’s Way creativity course.
  8. Other ideas below!

Long version…

In an endeavour to be more creative, I have some activities, tips, tools and influences that help me. I’ll add them here.


Encourage your creativity

Make Space

Me Book – To brainstorm yourself.

Morning Pages – To encourage output and help your mind.

Artist Dates – To get new stimuli and feel independent and empowered.

Muse Notebook – To encourage ideas.

Encourage your development

Resolutions Spreadsheet – To plan and check progress on personal resolutions.

Monthly Theme – To have a focus and recognise accomplishments.

Recommended Reading

The Happiness Project – Rubin investigates and experiments with many different ways of improving her life and happiness, and writes about what works and doesn’t work for her, and what she learns along the way.

The Artist’s Way – 12-week creativity course.

Recommended Watching

John Cleese on Creativity


FollowUpThen – Send yourself future reminders by email.

Pocket – Save websites to read later.

Feedly – Subscribe to websites.

Trello – Project management tool.

Pixelmator – Photoshop alternative.

Paper – iPad drawing app.

Bamboo Paper – iPad drawing app.

iA Writer and Scrivener – Writing apps.

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