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Holiday Snippet

We had been on holiday for 1.5 weeks before our first experience hiring a babysitter… James was enjoying spending time with his kid, didn’t want a babysitter, even though every resort offered very affordable nannies and babysitters and kids clubs. Finally, he caved. At this particular resort, the staff were extra super duper friendly and kind and trustworthy. For two nights in a row, we gave our child away to a foreigner, and we had dinner out, just us.

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Scorching heat. Amy takes the last step from the gravel road onto the long, healthy grass, and lifts her feet up, left, then right, and slips off the heel straps of her sandals, and carries the shoes by the straps as she saunters further down the hill. She stops at the edge of the trees’ shade. She raises her shoulders, then rolls them backwards, standing with better posture than before. She stretches her arms out in front, clasps her hands, and pushes the palms of her hands towards the stage below, making a good stretch of it, tilting her head from side to side, as though warming up for a run. Her face is calm.

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My Dog is a Skateboard

My dog thinks he’s a skateboard.

Just popping down to the skate park, he says.

I shrug and go back to work. He takes himself out for a few hours, trots down to the skate park, avoiding the helping hands of people who try to reach out and grab him, thinking that he’s a lost dog. He arrives at the asphalt and plays it cool, to begin with. Hovers around the sidelines, watching the others. When he feels comfortable, when he is ready to play it really cool and brave the track, he slides into place with all the other skaters, and practices his tricks, gets his balance right. Finesses his technique.

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The Yucca Tree

When I look outside, sometimes the Yucca tree has fallen over. I sigh in an exaggerated fashion, and exchange glances with the dog, who sits beside me at his specially constructed desk, which was made with love by our carpenter-friend, Craig. 

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