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ME: We need to give Jet two pills. Ah! We’ve run out of pills, we need to go to the vet, is there anything else we want to ask the vet while we’re there?

MISH: Hmm… they’d probably know, ‘How do you tell if your dog is gay?’

WILLO: Hmm… ‘Look he’s good, but do you have him in purple?’


In SF, I met up with Peggy, who I’ve been internet-pen-pals with for years & years. We toured her neighbourhood and talked and talked and talked. Then we met up with Michelle and went shopping the next day, first visiting the Benefit brow bar and then experiencing the joys of H&M and Sephora, which we don’t have in Australia. If we did, they’d be successful. I bought red lip gloss from Sephora, and a cornflower-blue bag and jacket. The bag and jacket were from different stores and I didn’t realise at first that I’d chosen the same colour both times. Cornflower-blue must be my colour for 2010. I’ll find another Sephora in another state and buy cornflower-blue lip gloss.

I digress. We dined with Peggy and her beau Hai in North Beach and gave a cat some cream. The next day, Michelle disappeared while Peggy and I found a telephone number for me to buy. 415 359 5556. Nice number. Peggy led me to Samovar, the tea house near the Yerba Buena, where we had fabulous tea and savouries and sweets. We raced to SFMOMA, half an hour to closing time. I was delighted by the almost monochromatic interpretations of Luc Tuymans, particularly his cornflower-blue rhinoceros with foliage on a similarly coloured canvas. Peggy and I bought matching black & cornflower-blue resin rings from the MOMA shop. In the evening, we attended an Oscar party in the Noe Valley. I like San Francisco. I like Peggy.

Yesterday, Michelle and I began our road trip to Las Vegas.


I’m interested in the idea of a charity with a membership that instills such pride that you claim it as part of your identity. Proud member of. Maybe you even have to qualify to belong. Maybe all of this already exists.

New Work

I’ve always secretly wanted to work for a start up. So I’m at a new agency, it was born about 6 months ago. The studio’s in South Yarra, surrounded by good food, fun shops and small parks that Jetpack can investigate. I’ve been catching a ride in the mornings with my housemate on his scooter, which takes about 10 minutes from Collingwood. We have some massive projects goin’ on, I’m doing what I love (UX), the studio space is lovely & white & spacious, the people are cool, the kitchen is well stocked with everything from bread & cereals to cookies & nuts, I’m working on a nice Mac Pro at the moment, and my new MacBook Pro and business cards are on their way. The place is so fresh that I decided to get a folksy jug from Ikea and have flowers on my desk.