Category: Diary

On Sharing

I forget how hard it is, to share. Days go by, and I’m happy with all of my thoughts staying in my head.

And then, maybe I think about sharing something, and my inner editor says:

  • No one needs to know this
  • This is unimportant to anyone else
  • This is only a half formed thought
  • Others would have thought this already
  • Others would think this is stupid
  • There are enough words and information out in the world already, nobody needs to see more

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Mental Block

Working from home is strange. I plan out my days from 9–5 with four blocks of work, and breaks in-between. This is Week 6 since I quit my job, although two weeks were spent moving house; so this is Week 4 with my personal schedule put in place. 4 WEEKS. I’ve had every day to myself, except for the occasional freelance work, family commitment, and miniature break. Every day! Every night! And what have I done?

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Social Media Noise

Finally, there is another important reason I should spend less time on social media: It has the tendency to drown out what I think. All these opinions and feelings and ideas I take in can get in the way of what I think and feel and what I want to do.

The Self Help Hipster

(I ilke her. I like how she shares her life and tries to help others, too.)