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Blog Zeitgeist

Last year, there was a work project to do with bloggers, and I decided I needed to get familiar with blog directories, including Bloglovin’. For some time I browsed the site regularly, and found the categorisation slightly confusing, but I couldn’t articulate why.

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Treat Yo Self!

Are you like me, and when faced with “products” in “stores,” you don’t buy anything? Are you like me, and like little samples of things?! Are you like me, and like magic lotions with natural ingredients that smell and feel nice? Well then, read on!

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Sometimes you are very aware of your envy. You see a stranger who seems to have effortless personal style, and a thought bubble appears above your head: “Man, I wish I could look interesting like that.” A new friend shares their home-made venison chili jerky and smoked plum salsa, then makes you a creamy, soul-warming cup of caffeine with their pristine, stainless steel milk creamer and drip-coffee machine, and a thought bubble appears over your head: “My life would be so much better if I was interested in being a foodie, enthusiastic and proficient in homegrown and homemade gourmet cooking – and if I was interested in chic appliances!” You stumble onto a blog where a Norwegian shares gorgeous photographs of their house, their town, their life, and the photos capture an intriguing, pleasing aesthetic, so different to yours, and a thought bubble appears beside your head: “I bet life is somehow more lovely, friendly, interesting and wonderful in Norway! Oh, if only I could take amazing photos like that!”

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I want to try digital drawing again, and one of my drunken family members (no names) has lost my Wacom tablet, and I don’t want to spend money on an interest that might not last, so… I bought a Wacom Bamboo Stylus for $26 and downloaded some apps on my first generation iPad.

Oh, its back creaked, it muttered, “Damn kids get off my lawn,” and then it talked about the war for hours. None of the latest apps worked, because it’s so old it can only run iOS5, so I had to download older versions. I’m trying Bamboo Paper and Paper, and they’re glitchy, but they’ll do.

Hippie Liquorice Tea

Have you tried it? When you feel like a cosy hot drink, but you don’t want regular tea or coffee or any of the usual herbal varieties, this can hit the spot. I introduced it to my parents and now they’re addicted, and they don’t usually like hippie stuff! Don’t worry, I bought them rehab classes for Christmas.

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