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Lady Grey Iced Tea

Near the beginning of summer, James began experimenting with iced coffee, iced tea, and other ice-cold beverage-like concoctions. I really liked the iced coffee, couldn’t drink the dandelion tea (FODMAP!), and wasn’t tempted by some of the mystical brews & potions, but oh boy! –

“Try this one. Lady Grey iced tea.”

I was suspicious… and it was delicious. Pretty, soft, subtle, and so refreshing.

Here’s his recipe. It’s pretty hard:

  • 3x Lady Grey tea bags
  • 1x litre jug of cold water
  • Leave to steep for 10-60 minutes to taste
  • Add ice & garnishes (lemon, mint, etc!)


Judgy McJudgerson

I grew up in a household that was super-critical.

Oh, you’re not going out looking like that, are you?

I don’t know why they feel the need to splash their money around.

Imagine, being at the beck and call of your child, like that!

If they’re being mean to you, it means that they have problems of their own. Maybe they’re insecure. They’re the one with the problem; try to ignore them. It’s sad, because they’ll never have any true friends; just people who are too scared to stand up to them.

Who watches these trashy TV programs?

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Girls Club, Year 2

Last weekend, Girls Club went into its second year, with the first event – The Girls Club Social. It was on a scorchingly hot Saturday afternoon at the fun Madame Brussels. Besides the organisers (Shannon Steinfort and me), ten brave souls faced the heat and came together for jugs of punch and chit-chat. New faces, old faces. We were all trying to stay still (with our parasols and paper fans) and hydrated, and I wanted to talk to everyone, but I think I almost had heatstroke. When I came home, I fell asleep and then I was super ill. Poor body!

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Before I was in a stable* relationship with James, I was scatterbrained. Or rather, scatteremotioned. I was lonely. I didn’t have someone in my everyday life who I loved, trusted, and respected, with whom I could plan a future and share a two-way emotional investment; someone who was my lover and best friend. It was hard to get further than that. It was a missing piece that wouldn’t let me move on with the puzzle.

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