I get sick from some foods. Exciting! Right?

Yeah, so I was getting really really sick sometimes, and my local doctor said “here take this acid reflux medication every day for the rest of your life” and I said “are you listening to me it’s not acid reflux it’s some sort of allergy but I don’t know what foods cause it and I throw up for hours are you listening to me hello” and so then I saw another doctor and she said, “Hey, it might be FODMAP.”


Apparently 1 in 7 people have low tolerance to foods in the FODMAP categories! “And surprisingly,” said my new doctor, “onion and garlic are a couple of the key offenders. Which makes it really difficult, because they’re in so many dishes. But the effect of these foods is accumulative, so if you keep them in low doses and don’t have them often, you might be okay. If you have them regularly, or in big doses, then you might not.”

That made sense. When I’d been sick, I hadn’t been preparing my own food (I don’t enjoy cooking and my food is quite plain) – it was on those weeks when I’d been eating out a lot, and dining with friends.

She suggested that I cut all of the “bad FODMAP” foods out (on the red chart) for a few months, and see if I still get sick. (I didn’t.) Then she suggested that I reintroduce some of those foods, to see what happens.

It worked! Basically, if I have too many of the red foods, I get sick. I  have been sick a couple of times since starting the low FODMAP diet, but again, they were times when I had a few nights/days of eating out and dining with friends – when I wasn’t preparing the food and I wasn’t being careful about the ingredients.

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