Hi. My name is Fox Woods.

I live/breathe/work/enjoy in Melbourne, Australia.

Yep. That’s me, above. I was married at Burning Man in 2013, celebrated by a Robot Elvis in an Elvis Chapel in the Nevada Desert. (Robot Elvis is behind the curtain.)

My dear family lives in an old “lots-of-character!” house – there’s Fox (me), James (my best friend), Kit (our three-year-old), Sky (our two-year-old), and Jetpack (the dog).

* * * *

woman OS 

I work as a maker of things.
I work as a mum.
I work in UX*.
I have a YouTube channel, Monaco Video, where I send video letters
to my friend Michelle: we share “four interesting things” in each video.
I love learning new things and trying to change for the better.**
What else?
Once in a blue moon, I write fiction.
I have a million projects going on.

 @msfoxwoods on Twitter  //   @msfoxwoods on Instagram  //  Email me.

* * * *

I Like!

Look, I know you probably didn’t come here to read about what I like.
But sometimes it’s a way to get to know a person, right?
Here are a bunch of things I like.

* * * *

~ art-making, handwriting, letter writing, stationery, kikki.K, the TV shows Abstract and Halt & Catch Fire and Legion and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,  going to the movies, making & sending postal mail, drawing, reading, learning, taking classes/courses/workshops, writing, beautiful user experiences, waterslides, hosting little parties and bringing people together, face painting, French pastries, coffee, Todoist, having a capsule wardrobe, journalling, travel, beaches, holidays, islands, massages, cocktails, and taking & keeping little photos & videos of my days ~

* * * *


Some things what I done.

  • Art Play – A social art group, 2019.
  • Street Party – A street party each year, 2016–ongoing.
  • Street News – A community newsletter, 2018.
  • Monaco Video (All new and improved!) – Vlog project, 2017.
  • Bonjour Les Filles – A directory of women’s groups, 2017.
  • Milkshake Collective – A collective of freelancers, 2014.
  • Milkshake Mag – A pretend online magazine, 2014.
  • Girls Club xo – Monthly workshops/meetups for women in Melbourne, 2012–2014.
  • Little Salon – An evening of dinner & conversation, where there is a set topic.
  • Webdays – Look, I tried to do this thing… in a bar… it didn’t really work, 2013.
  • NaNoWriMo – In November 2013, I wrote the first draft of a novel, 50K words. Yikes.
  • Brunch Club – Introducing people to other people with similar interests, 2011.
  • Ohhhh do you remember that time where I set up a mailing list for my apartment building and no one used it for ages and then they started using it frequently but only to complain to each other and I shut it down.
  • Monaco Video – A video series on YouTube.
  • Pocketmakers – Website with randomly presented ideas to spark creativity, 2008.

Okay, and these ones were from a long, long time ago…

  • Glitter & Doom – I had this idea for a website where people from web agencies could submit the latest work they were making, and list the people who worked on it. But I didn’t really know how to launch it properly. Anil Dash made Makerbase, which was a pretty good version of the idea!
  • Buddy Be Mine – Oh dear, if I tell you about this site, will you still speak to me? Anyway – it was a website where you could say you were “married” to another person. Like, if you met someone on the internet and you wanted to get pretend-married to them, you could both make a pledge on the website (“in front” of witnesses) and you got a certificate and a “marriage” page for your pledges, photos, etc. There was also a divorce process, but that’s another story.
  • Romantikator – A dating website for robots. Didn’t get much traction.
  • Les Mistons – Mail group for talking about/sharing music.
  • Littlest – Daily mailing list with single-sentence-stories.
  • Storytime – Collection of stories from 2003-2009.
  • Sophie Walking – Mail group with one rule: posts must be non sequiturs.
  • Labyrinth, Papermilk, Sinceritybird, Leaf – Early blogs.
  • Ghost – Mailing list with short stories.
  • MaMoDaBe – Weekly email with small prompt to make Mondays fun. (Making MonDays Better.)
  • Jupiter Boating Services – Collection of stories created with @blipsandclicks & Robert Parker.

* * * *

* I haven’t written about that much. Nudge me if you’re interested, I’ll see what I can do.
** Most of my blog’s about that.