Month: December 2019

How was 2019?

Ohhhh, let’s see how I did on my 19 for 2019.

  1. 24 books / read habit
  2. Eat more plants
  3. Try the local farmers’ market
  4. Choose a home renovator
  5. Get a cool cubby house
  6. Consider something for kids to climb too
  7. Journal habit / write habit
  8. Sketchbook habit / art habit
  9. 12 new classes / workshops (crossing it out because I tried my best and I could only do 11!)
  10. Choosing to enjoy life everyday*
  11. Be more eco friendly
  12. Make house even nicer e.g. no clutter
  13. Be less sedentary / daily walk
  14. Ballet posture
  15. Meet new people
  16. Play an instrument
  17. Clear desk
  18. Clear paperwork
  19. Less computer time

And as for my 2019 resolutions?

  • *Enjoy life – This was the main theme. For me it meant having a sense of being present and alive, and I have been gradually picking away at that one. I’m getting better at it.
  • Read a book every day – Yes.
  • Write in journal every day – Nope.
  • Draw in sketchbook every day – Nope.
  • Follow your curiosity / Make the time to do it interestingly – Nope.
  • Join the world – I tried. But nope.

Sneaking in a couple of pages of books while being around kids is pretty easy. But not journal writing or sketch-booking. And when they’re finally asleep and I have alone time (around 9pm) it’s like I do have the capacity to read more books, but not to do journalling or sketch-booking. I gotta think on that one.

August-October I was medium-sick.
October-December I had some medium-stress.
So I didn’t really feel like myself from August. It’s taken a long time to get back to feeling like me again (i.e. now! end of year!) Just in time to get ready for a new year.