Baby’s First Bluetooth Earphones

It feels weird to call them earphones instead of headphones.

Anyway, James has been telling me for years to try some bluetooth earphones, and I just thought they were soooo ugly, and my Sennheiser in-ears (from 2016) worked fine, so it didn’t seem worth spending the money. I was going to wait until my Sennheisers died and then buy some true wireless earbuds – not the Apple ones, because they never fit my LADY-EARS, but something else. (I was considering the Anker Liberty Air, but they’re not yet available in Australia.)

But recently James needed to buy some new bluetooth earphones, so he did all the researching and comparing and deciding, and chose some NuForce sport earphones. He said, “Come on, come on, try them!”

So I was like, “OK, OK, OK!” and put on Peacock Tail.

I listened with the NuForce.
I listened with the Sennheisers.
I listened with the NuForce.
I bought the NuForce.

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