Self Care Update

So, you say, how is that self care stuff going?

Oh, really well! Thanks for asking.

A couple of notes –

Skin care: I haven’t noticed any difference from a bunch of different products I’ve tried, but a few of them are really slow & long-term (like sunscreen, chemical exfoliation, vitamin A, and peptides). However, DECIEM’s Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG does what it says on the packet: it destroys eye puffiness, which is great for when you have a terrible night’s sleep – – – – and DECIEM’s C25 has reduced my sun pigmentation.

Mood: I’ve been taking St John’s Wort for over 2 months now, and: I have not woken up in a bad mood or had an inexplicable bad mood once. I think there was, like, one day in that entire time when I felt truly grumpy, and that was during the day, after a bunch of things happened that were difficult. So, it’s an investment (about $1 per day), but I believe it’s working. I have been feeling more relaxed and happy than usual, and I haven’t even been doing much yoga! Time will tell. (Also – maybe related – I’ve been really enjoying a turmeric drink every night, and I found this interesting piece on turmeric the other day.)



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