I don’t know how it happened, but I’m doing 30 minutes of yoga every day (last year, I was only going to one easy class per week!) and I feel like I need it. Like if I reach the afternoon and I haven’t done yoga, I prioritise it over anything else! And now, approximately 18 days into this, my body feels like it needs even more exercise. It feels good. I don’t know who I’ve become. (Michelle, are you contagious?)


  1. Michelle says:

    I pressed 104kgs x 10 reps on the seated leg press machine this morning – got up at 6am for the privilege too. Who even are we??

    Yoga is something really want to try properly too – trying to find a class that suits. What flavour of yoga are you doing atm?

    • Fox says:

      I’m using YouTube – “Yoga with Adriene”. I think it’s fine for beginners too! But if you can’t get into it and want more instructions/help to begin with, I would recommend Iyengar yoga first. That’s very gentle, easy, and they really take the time to explain each position so that you know you’re doing it right (and you learn how it feels when you’re doing it right). Most other yoga styles are just like, “copy us!” and don’t explain how to do it exactly.

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