Month: November 2018

Make It a Village Again

I go to an art class (which is ace) at the local community centre, so I get the centre’s emails. A while back, their email newsletter said that they wanted to change their offering a bit, to attract new audiences to the community centre and they were looking for ideas. I wrote back that a women’s group might be nice – a place for local women to meet each other. I met with the centre staff to discuss the idea, then whipped up a poster in Apple Pages to advertise an initial “ideas session” – so we could see how many local women are interested in having women’s groups, and what kinds of women’s groups they would like to exist.

womens groups poster
(part of the poster)

We had about 15 women turn up, which might not sound like a lot, but it makes for a decent sized group. I find that around 12 people is about the maximum size for a nice community group meetup, so 15 was pretty good. The manager of the community centre asked if we could go around the table and if everyone could introduce themselves and say a little about why they were there. It was lovely hearing from everyone – I realised I’ve missed all the meetups I used to go to! – just hearing the introductions, and about what they’re looking for.

One woman was talking about how she’d like to engage more with the local community, and said something like: “I’d like us to make it a village again,” which really resonated with me.

I met with a life coach last month – I was curious about life coaches and there are some things I like to experience just because I’m curious about them (personal stylist was another one!) and after talking with her for awhile, she reflected her summary of “me” – some of the key topics were:

  • community
  • women
  • improving things
  • being a good human
  • problem solving
  • bringing people together.

I thought about it afterwards, and yes, that is a pretty good summary! All the things I’ve loved doing – from our street party to MaMoDaBe – it’s basically all been about community, if not those other topics too.

I keep coming back to the idea of “make it a village again” and what that means.

Anyway, I don’t have a point here, just writing in my online diary, you know how it is.

As for the women’s groups – a bunch of ideas came out of the first session – a cycling group, a “Social Sundays” group,  women’s book group, evening art & craft classes, a support group for women who have experienced loss – but the one that piqued my interest (and I never thought someone would suggest!) was an informal art meetup, similar to Ladies Drawing Night or Social Sketch. I LOVE this idea! I wanted to start one, like, a year ago, but wasn’t confident that anyone else would be interested. So I hope that this idea launches. I’m in.

Old West / New World

Did I mention actively trying to start a world war in that last post? Because funnily enough, after writing that post, I came to this passage in Factfulness:


We need Olympic Games, international trade, educational exchange programs, free internet – anything that lets us meet across ethnic groups and country borders. We must take care of and strengthen our safety nets for world peace. Without world peace, none of our sustainability goals will be achievable. It’s a huge diplomatic challenge to prevent the proud and nostalgic nations with a violent track record from attacking others now that they are losing their grip on the world market. We must help the old West to find a new way to integrate itself peacefully into the new world.

Factfulness by Dr Hans Rosling p. 239

Climate Breakdown

In my sleep I thought, maybe the conservatives know exactly what they’re doing? If they understand (and aren’t doing anything to prevent) climate change, then it would make sense, as a particular course of action, to:

  • lock down your country & promote nationalism
  • become self-sufficient in manufacturing, etc
  • budget for more military spending
  • withdraw from multi-country agreements
  • reduce spending on poor people
  • increase spending on wealthy people who might survive


In other news, saw this tweet the other day. Below is the picture from it (embedding from Twitter wasn’t working).