• I have the stomach flu. Fortunately no vomiting etc! But I’ve been in bed (mostly) for days.
  • I have a Monaco video plotted out. But… when I’m better.
  • I volunteered in two roles this year for my kid’s kindergarten. I should have only done one and done it well, but oh well. I thought no one else would put their hand up. The problem is, on top of your role, there’s so much other stuff that comes up that seriously needs doing. It makes for quite a scatterbrained experience – everything done OK, nothing done comprehensively.
  • More and more mums are working now. I’ve said it before – the things from my childhood (knowing the families in your street, play dates during the week, becoming friends with other mums, walking to visit someone) are nigh impossible now.
  • The volunteer model for kindergartens is outdated and can’t work anymore. For example, many years ago, my “Policy” role would have had a few policies to look at for the kinder. Now there are 38 policies – and there are more being added each year. Next year, the kinder wants to add a suite of policies under OH&S, like policies on bullying and stress. If a parent/guardian put their kids into child care, they would have enough time to volunteer to do 40+ policies… which of course makes no sense – who’s going to put their kids into child care so they can volunteer for a kindergarten? And for me, it defeats the purpose of pausing my career so that my kids don’t have to go into child care – I have to spend the time that someone else is minding them to do volunteer work instead of having a break/time to myself. 🤔
  • My kid’s kindergarten is going to look into a different way of doing things. Whew. Maybe a paid manager who will do all this volunteer work. It’ll affect the fees but it’ll be better for everyone, I think.
  • On Tuesday 20 November I’m helping out at a session at the community centre – they’re interested in starting (maybe) a women’s group / women’s book club / women’s mindfulness group – they’re having an ideas/interest session to see what to run next year. I’ve said I can help out with the women’s group idea, if it’s popular. But I think I want to suggest that there’s a fee. I ran Girls Club for free, and it took time to plan/run; I think I made a mistake there. I’d like for women to see other women get paid for their time/work/expertise.
  • My family has hosted a Christmas street party the past two years and I was stoked this year to have another neighbour offer to host it – takes the weight off us and also feels more like a street party, if it moves around, y’know? Anyway our neighbour looked into what it takes to close the street for the street party, and it was easier than we thought. We needed 75% of neighbours signatures to say they’re in favour, then had to pay $100 to the council. I left a signatures list in my letterbox with a one-week deadline and we got over 75% – and the application was approved last week. I’ve hired a clown for the event! What could possibly go wrong.
  • I’m still really enjoying my art class. At the moment we’re drawing faces and figures, although I missed today’s class because I was in bed.
  • I saw a life coach last week. It didn’t seem interesting/valuable enough to continue as regular sessions, but the once-off was a big confidence booster. As with so many people, I realised how much negative self-talk I have. Redonkulous.
  • I forced my poor sick body to go to a kikki.K “dream life” event last night. I’d bought the ticket ages ago and I’m really impressed by what Kristina Karlsson’s trying to do / doing, so I really wanted to see what it was like. Putting an event on like that is incredible. The microphones were terrible, but everything else was great. It felt like a very special night. To be in a room of 800 (mostly women) people who want to be inspired / who are inspired, who want to connect, who want to develop, who want to love and live and flourish – that’s something pretty cool. I wasn’t inspired by the speakers exactly, maybe because I was sick, but the event itself was neat.
  • I’ve been thinking about trying weights and/or HITT training. I hate being in discomfort though? So not sure how that will go.
  • I joined The Greens.
  • I’m listening to a very interesting podcast episode on voter suppression in the US, and still reading the very very very very interesting book about the world, Factfulness (recommended by Bill Gates. Thanks Bill.)

I think that’s about it.

Deep breath.


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