Climate Change

We were moseying along. We were trusting the people in charge were well-informed and working hard (as best they can) to make the world a better place – do what needs to be done to prevent climate change from wrecking future lives. But the report came out and James had a nightmare about it and I thought about it on and off each day; what sort of apocalyptic future is coming? We’re a bit freaked out.

We’re getting solar panels.
Reducing meat and milk.
Reducing plastic.
Installing a water tank so we use rainwater for the garden – if the rain continues.
Growing our own veggies.
We get eggs from a small family farm.
I vote Green.
Trying to walk more, drive less.
I’m getting a secondhand bike.

Meanwhile, I’m reading Factfulness, which presents a fact-based and positive view of our current world. I don’t know what to think.


P.s. received this email from a clothing company today. nice to see other people are trying to do something.

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