Two Quotes

Two quotes I’ve been thinking about:


1. Esther Perel

Women are not less interested in sex than men, they’re less interested in the sex they can have. What makes women lose that interest? Domesticity. Motherhood. The mother thinks about others the whole time. The mother is not busy focusing on herself. In order to be turned on you have to be focused on yourself in the most basic way. The same woman who’s numb in the house gets turned on when she leaves. She doesn’t need hormones. Change the story.


2. The School of Life (Kindness Card)

Kind people know how to talk about their failures. They know that others need to hear external evidence of the problems that make us all feel so lonely: how abnormal our sex lives are; how misguided our careers are proving; how unsatisfactory our family can be; how worried we are pretty much all the time. 


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