Australian Stamps Tip

If you’re in Australia and you’re buying stamps online, the offering seems lame. For local mail, there are the flower stamps.

And in the “Pack and Post > Postage Stamps” section of the Australia Post website, that seems about it. Flowers. Hmm. Need a $3 stamp to send a card overseas? Hmm. Not there.

But… it’s just a terrible website shop. Because there are actually heaps more stamp designs! If you go into “Stamp and Coin Collectables > Stamp Issues > View all products” you can see all the designs.

For example, I think @jamjar might appreciate these jam label stamp designs –

jam label stamp designs

I liked the With Love stamp designs for thank-you notes I was sending –

with love stamps

And the Aussie alphabet stamp designs are really cute, and they make a lovely gift if you know anyone having a baby (keep an eye out for the first letter of their baby’s name!) –

aussie alphabet stamps part 3

And, handily, if you buy stamps online, you don’t get charged postage.


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