Month: August 2017

August – Slow Down

This might sound silly, but after some time away from normal everyday life & routine – time to think and breathe and just be, I thought: I’ve been pressuring myself to work on my future career, and it’s become unenjoyable. I’ve been binge-doing because I wanted to ship something, but I stopped enjoying the process along the way. Shipping is important, but so is enjoying life. I need more balance.

I thought about how to get better balance (as in: variety in life! Not just working on a future career – I need some living-in-the-moment, some fun with friends, some new clothes, some physical activity – and so on!), and went shopping for a few things (I am an under-buyer, so I have to really push myself to spend money) – things I’ve been thinking about buying for months and months. I’ve signed up for a new yoga school that is hopefully super nice. (I haven’t been to yoga for 1½ years because 1) my left wrist hurt and I couldn’t put weight on it – my GP basically said it was an RSI-type thing due to carrying children, and 2) the yoga school that I was going to was dowdy and a bit depressing.)

In other news, I currently have 42 habits that I’m trying to cultivate! No wuzzas.

Some of the easiest:

  • Book every day
  • Doodle every day

Some of the hardest (for me):

  • Show ❤️ with your actions
  • Find my people
  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Curb your ego