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The inspiring/fantastic designer Dani Hunt is about to launch a new part of her business, and as part of the launch, she’s invited a bunch of people to do a week-long branding exercise in a private Facebook group. (I think maybe quite a few cool things happen in private Facebook groups!)

It’s been a welcome tiny project, because after getting my last trial products out the door for customer feedback, I felt kinda cold-feety and bummed. But anything to do with design is like super-fun-play-time! for me, so day 1 (brand personality), day 2 (magical customer), day 3 (today – mood board) – have all been fun so far. I’m using this week to recharge, and will get back into products next week.

Here’s my mood board so far.



Oh boy, it looks really eclectic and weird. I had to furiously cull to get down to 20 images (it was supposed to be 10-20 images). You should see some of the other mood boards – they are amazing! People who just totally know their vibe, their colours, everything. I mean, look at this one and this one!

Every time I tried to cull an image, I ummed and aahed over it, because I pretty much love every colour there is (even for my business) and had way too many happy pictures that (I felt) added to the moooooooood.

But. There I am, finished up at 1.30am with 20 pics. That don’t look particularly themed or consistent. Oops. Onto tomorrow!

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  1. I’ve never done a mood board (that I can remember) and as I started typing this comment to suggest my board would be eclectic as well, imagining rustic, folksie, modern, minimal, cluttered, rooms and patterns etc I realised they would look like they were all related because they’d all be beige, cream and white! hehe.

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