Slow Work

I am kind of… doing design work for the first time in about 15 years. Very basic design work, for now.


I already had Pixelmator and I’m using the trial of Sketch. When the trial runs out, I’ll decide whether or not to continue with Pixelmator and Sketch, or whether to jump to Adobe.

Cost comparison:
Pixelmator and Sketch $165 ($30 and $135 AUD)
Pshop and Sketch $291 ($156/year and $135)
Adobe Suite $792/year

I’ve been saving lots of image files – pictures of design styles that I like, packaging design/email design/web design, fabulous font faces, colour inspiration and ideas, and assets that I might be able to use at some stage (fonts, patterns, icons), etc. I don’t know whether to save them into Apple Photos, or just into desktop folders, or to use some other software. If anyone has any tips, please tell.

One difficulty has been with getting colours right – sometimes I’ll see a colour that I’d like to use, and I try to approximate it in the software, but it’s very different once printed. So I’m going to buy the Pantone Color Bridge Set (second-hand or new, not sure yet) at some stage, and in the meanwhile, I’ve bought a Palette Cube, so I can grab colours accurately.


I bought a new MacBook – my old one, from 2010, was struggling if I had a few design files open, and only held battery charge for about an hour.

Pros: It works! Backlit keyboard. Thinner, lighter, better resolution, smaller, even more portable. USB-C means I’ll be able to get a battery pack and not have to rely on wall outlets in the future.

Cons: The keys are noisy. There’s no way to type quietly anymore. No MagSafe, so I bet someone will trip over my charging cable and haul the MacBook to the floor. No charge indicator on the charging cable, although I’ve read that another company is making cables that do this.


I’ve been working on Product 1 for about 9 months. It has a lot of artwork, and Alison is creating all the wonderful illustrations while studying and working (her butt off).

I’ve been working on Product 2 for abut 1 month. It only needs me. I’m aiming to send out the trial run next week, to get prototype feedback.

I try to work for an hour a day. I should call the business Snail Mail.


This week, I found out that CMD + Shift + Left/Right Arrow moves you through Safari tabs. For years I’d set up my own keyboard shortcuts! But they were there already! Dope.

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