End of May

I’ve been tired/sick, so only posted music for a while! I’m so behind on my to-do list.

On Friday, James had a day off and I slept most of the day. Oompf.

I had my morning-off today. It was lovely. It makes such a difference to how I feel (like my own person, not a person who just exists for les children) and how easy it is to parent (I have more patience, attention, ideas, resilience, energy).


I’ve been thinking about how ~ ~ ~ ~ you will inevitably get better at whatever you do everyday, so what do I want to get better at?

I’ll be getting better (hopefully) at being a parent. Can’t kick that daily habit. I would like to get better at graphic design, maybe? And supporting myself with my own business. The latter one is a priority, so I’m working on that every day. I’m toying with the former. Trying it on for size.


I’ve recently appreciated these articles:

You should’ve asked by Emma

Fathers pay more attention to toddler daughters than sons, study shows – The Guardian

Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future by Tim Urban

And this video – Hank Green on “Redefining What it Means to Matter.”

I don’t know why I wasn’t into the Vlogbros a million years ago. Michelle has loved them since the beginning. My sister loves them. I am late to all the parties.

ALSO. I didn’t think I was a fan of Chris Martin or Coldplay, but I was watching carpool karaoke videos last night and I found this one seriously dorky and delightful. Martin sure seems like a happy fellow!


I started reading Infinite Jest, read it for about a week, then didn’t pick it up for about a week, no, two weeks… and thought, heck, I’m not enjoying this. Let’s move on.*

So now I’m reading Jumper and Tools of Titans.


I’m still working on my small business. I knew it would take a long time to get off the ground, and I knew that everyone underestimates how long something like this takes, and yet I still did. Oh, human! We’ve been working on it (as our side project) since October last year. We’ve come a long way… and yet. Still so much to do.


* Jeepers, I got sidetracked and just read this amazing review of Infinite Jest!

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