Saturday Mornings Off Work

When I was pregnant with my first babe, I met up with a female entrepreneur who has two children.

She asked me the same question that many people ask, when you’re pregnant: “How long until you’re back at work?”

“I don’t know,” I said.

I didn’t have any friends with babies, and didn’t have any other experience with babies in my past. I had no idea – completely, no idea – what it was like to be a mum/parent/guardian/carer, or what it was like to be around babies or children. It was like I was about to take a new job with the XYZ company, and my job title was Junior X, and I had no idea what the company was like, or what the role really entailed – the only thing I knew was that it involved babies/children, and that many people who had tried that job at the XYZ company said that they liked it, and some stayed on full-time, although some decided to work part-time after a while!

“What was it like for you,” I said.

“Oh, for my first child, I took about nine months before getting back to work,” she said. “My second child, I went back to work after four months. I couldn’t just be sitting around at home. I needed something to do. I wanted to get back into it!”

I liked how this woman came up with business ideas, here and there, and worked on them – and sometimes they failed, sometimes they succeeded. I thought that maybe we were similar.

“Oh, well, maybe I will be like that,” I said. “I can’t imagine being OK with sitting around at home, either. Maybe I’ll get back into it after four months too.”


It’s been over two years. Here I am. At home with the kids.

I had my first full day off work from the XYZ company on January 15. I went to a French music festival with my sister (So Frenchy, So Chic. Super fun.) I missed the little babies and felt gooey inside thinking about them, but it was a small personal shock to admit that it was my first real day off in two years.

I had a chat with my partner yesterday and asked for Saturday mornings off. I don’t know if that’s mean of me or not. He has to work from Monday-Friday, then comes home to his other job of carer in the evenings, and then he’s a full-time carer on the weekends. I don’t know. Anyway, We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I will feel too guilty and I’ll stop after a few goes.


  1. It’ll be interesting to hear how your Saturday mornings go. It’s so glorious to have time away from kids even though sometimes we miss them – I think being able to rest your brain and inhale your own oxygen without worrying about wee peoples breathing will be good for you. And yes, your partner has a full time job and comes home to his parenting duties – but one might suggest he has “variety” in his jobs whereas you’ve just got the one full time parenting job so a break will be good. Do update us as to what you do and how it feels and whether it’s working for all involved – I’d love to hear. Have a groovy weekend.

  2. Peglet says:

    What Michelle said! Mums deserve some time off too, even if it’s just enough time for some brunch with a ladyfriend or some quality “me” time. xoxoxox you.

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