Happy New Year!

In the past, a new year really felt like a sparkling brand new year to me. I’d be on one or two weeks of holidays from work. I’d usually be wearing different kinds of clothes on holidays, so I’d be feeling different. I’d organise some little celebration on NYE, so it would feel like a thing. I’d have a few gifts from Christmas – like a new bag, new diary, new pens (yes, I am that simple) – which would make me feel like the new year was a fresh start and had new, different possibilities. I would love thinking about some changes that I’d like to make – in myself, in my life – and in the holidays, I’d work out my plan for those changes.


On NYE 2016, my sister came over and we watched Lethal Weapon. (Terrible.) She left around 11:40pm and I crawled into bed, 110% fatigued, and put in earplugs so that I wouldn’t hear the fireworks or the dog barking at the fireworks. (I could still hear the dog barking at the fireworks.) I was too tired to send anyone a “Happy new year” message or anything like that.



I did get a new bag (a mummy backpack! haha), new diary, new calendar, and new pens.  So that feels nice. (I am like a child going into a new year of school!)

Kit is now 2 years old and Sky is 9 months. I didn’t have much motivation or brain-space for a long time, but I feel like it’s gradually coming back. I’m getting really good quality sleep now, but I think it took a few months of quality sleep to make up/catch up on the many previous months of broken sleep.

I’m now able to think clearly about what needs to happen to get this house organised (for example, I want to get a big storage unit from IKEA to store all of the toys and books in one place). I have no trouble doing life-admin now (like making a phone call to the power company to change a setting in our account). Before, that stuff felt so difficult!

I’m reading books, making plans, getting organised, feeling pretty good. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a friend – we’re working on a little side-project together.

Hope you are well.

Happy new year kisses!



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  1. Michelle says:

    Happy New Year Fox! Super to hear you’re getting good quality sleep and more interestingly that you have a side project on the boil. Love to you and yours from me and mine.

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