June Updates

1. Happy Birthday Me

First, a little throwback to May. It was my birthday in late May. I splashed out on a few Things (Things, capital T. Material objects.) that I’d been wishing for.

ray-ban-round-rb2180-grey New sunnies.

rollas-west-coast-vogue-blue New jeans.

scent-samples 8 perfume samples of some of the newer cool perfumes out there.

country-road-daisy-necklacecountry-road-daisy-necklace-2 A daisy necklace.

mimco-supersonica-necklacemimco-supersonica-necklace-2 A long necklace.

fossil-sydney-satchel New bag. Cross-body, so I can be hands-free.

fossil-sydney-mini-wallet New wallet. Matchy matchy.


✔️ Yes.


2. Toddler Love

I never really understood anything about kids (especially babies & toddlers) until I had babies. I didn’t have any others in my life, so they were foreign to me.

It’s taken a long time to adjust to having a small human – when someone’s rifling through your kitchen cupboards and throwing random items on the floor, then banging all those things together, then trying to sneak their fingers past the safety lock on the cutlery drawer so they can extract and examine a steak knife (and possibly cut their hand off) – the normal adult instinct is to a) get a bit bothered, and b) wish that the person wasn’t making such a mess, and c) prevent the person from doing any of this ever again.

But something my mum said has really stuck with me, since I had the babes. She said, “Remember, it’s not about you. It’s not about what you like. It’s about them.” I can’t remember what that was in regards to – maybe I thought some toy or book was naff, and she was encouraging me to see the item through the baby’s eyes instead of mine – and yes, I could empathise and see that the baby would likely love the thing, even though I thought it was ugly or awful or inane.

It’s taken so long – but now I can truly empathise, almost all of the time. Seeing everything through my kids’ eyes:
Of course I want to play with the taps and the water and the plug and the hand wash. Especially the pump bottle. Squirt~!
Of course I want to turn the lights and the fan off and on and off and on and off and on. This tiny switch does all that! Amazing.
Of course I want to play with scissors. They open and close! They’re so weird! How do they work!
Of course I want to eat a bit of crayon and swish Play Doh around in my mouth then spit it out. Hahahah. WHO WOULDN’T.

(Tonight, my toddler-baby stood by the very hot heater in his room and touched the heater and said “OW!” and beamed at me and touched the heater and said “OW!” and beamed at me and touched the heater and said “OW!” and beamed at me. Who wouldn’t.)


3. Book Love

In other news, I asked some friends who really enjoy reading if they have any tips for getting-back-into-reading. I’ve had a terrible track record with books for a very long time. I buy them and start them and don’t finish. Last year, I began borrowing books from the library… that was fine, and I read a few, but having to get to the library and having to carry a book on me (which I regularly didn’t do, because I have to cart so much stuff around already) meant that it wasn’t incredibly successful.

The friends suggested two things:
1) Start with page-turners.
2) If a book doesn’t grab you, drop it.

I was being too hoity-toity with my approach to reading. I knew it. This was the push I needed. Page-turners and permission to completely abandon any book if it didn’t grab me. And… I also tried the Kindle app on my iPhone, so that I wouldn’t have to carry a paper book around. And… it’s early days, but it’s working. I’m reading every day. ❤️📚

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