May Updates

This is a frustrating time. Well, it’s a frustrating time if you don’t give into it. I give into it. Which means living in the moment, forgetting things that aren’t essential, and allowing yourself to rest whenever you can.

My older kid is 1½.

My younger kid is 2 months.

I’ve been meaning to write here all May. I get free time in the middle of the day, when the kids are sleeping, and at night, when the kids have gone to bed, but at those times, I don’t have the energy to construct sentences or compose thoughts. I have to rest. I watch a movie or TV show, or do something simple like laundry or writing a thank-you note. (I haven’t had a block of sleep longer than about four hours in two months. That does something to your ability to think.)

I’m occasionally frustrated that I can’t do my daily journalling at the moment, or write on my blog at the moment, but I know this is just a phase. I feel so grateful and lucky that I’m in the situation where I can spend every day with my kids and see them in their exponential-development-stage. It’s only going to be for a few years, and then they’ll be in kindergarten/school, and then I won’t get to have them as my daily adventure buddies anymore.

I feel like: What’s a few years doing this lo-fi job, when I have decades to do other types of grown-up jobs? This might be a certain kind of hard work (and my immune system is currently in total shut-down mode, so that’s fun), but it’s a once in a lifetime offer. I feel lucky, punk.

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