April Updates

OK! It is still April, so I may need to update this later (if something super exciting happens, like I meet a dolphin, or turn into a butterfly). But for now…


  • I made a new baby. Her name is Sky. She was actually born on 29 March, but I don’t let facts and figures interfere with my blog posts.

Here she is, the day after being born.

Here she is, at 3 weeks, (understandably) not happy about her dad opening the curtains in the morning.


  • What kind of update can come after a new baby? Hmmmm!


  • It’s a whole new challenge, now, looking after 2 kids. Clearly. Life was so easy with Kit (1.5 years old). Everyday, we planned a little adventure, and getting places was easy, and finding new activities (or re-doing old favourites) was easy. But now, I have to chase after Kit and look after a newborn. Get 2 kids dressed. Change 2 nappies. Of course, of course, we all knew this would be the case… and I have to admit, I am so lucky:

My partner generally leaves for work around 9am, and gets home around 4/5pm. This makes a world of difference. He feeds, changes, showers and plays with Kit in the morning, while I’m still waking up… and he comes home in time for a family outing to the park, while there’s still daylight.

I think of all the full-time parents out there who are doin’ it solo from dawn to dusk, and I just think: WOW. 9 to 5 with the kids is fine. 6am to 8pm is… really, really hard work. In fact, I don’t think it should be allowed. Parenthood should have the same work hours as any other job, right? 9 to 5 is reasonable. Full-time parents need to join a union.


  • I’ve been thinking that “Happiness is knowing thyself.” Sure, the second baby was heaps easier than the first, because I knew what to expect, and I knew what I was doing. I’m getting good sleep and all that. But I’m also very sure, now, about what I need (for me) to keep happy and sane.

Like the other day, I snuck off and had a 10-minute shoulder massage. (Don’t worry, my 8-year-old dog is perfectly capable of looking after tiny children.) And every day I send out a few birth announcement cards, which allows me to physically put something together and write little notes to people, which I enjoy. And I’ve been reading Next Draft and a bunch of great reads that I’ve saved on Pocket, which allows my brain to feel like it’s not a useless lump of coal. AND I’ve been making time to write little updates! No duh!


Speaking of which, some interesting reads (save them all to Pocket! They’re worth it!):

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