March Updates

Better late than never, right?

March! Oh, so many years ago. What did I do in March?


  • I thought about what I’d like to see on my calendar – what I’d look forward to. And while this would totally not be someone else’s cup of tea, I had to admit… I would enjoy doing a kikki.K workshop. So I booked into an “Organisation workshop.” (I didn’t learn a heck of a lot, but I just really enjoyed the evening!)


  • I went to the Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei exhibition at the NGV. I didn’t know anything about Ai Weiwei before I went, and thought that I’d only be interested in the Warhol content. But I was really moved by some of Weiwei’s pieces, particularly around corruption and denial of human rights.

Here’s John Green from the Vlogbrothers describing his visit to an Ai Weiwei exhibition.

(And here’s the Wikipedia page on the Sichuan schools corruption scandal.)


  • I got my hair did. I got my nails did. I went to the Peninsula Hot Springs with my family (which, hoo boy, is a very different experience as a family – previously I had been there as a couple, and it was so romantic! Pish posh, no more romance for me.)


  • I continued with my theme of Beautiful living – especially thinking about other people and sending thank-you cards and giving small gifts and trying to do nice things like that. A++ would recommend.


  • I tried a few activities with my 1 year-old kid. I tried Gymbaroo (physical activities for small kids), Caroline’s Little Stars (a music group), and a playgroup. And then I wrestled with the dilemma: to leave a negative review, or to not leave a negative review? You see, I didn’t have a good experience with two of those activities, and while I really appreciate being able to read other people’s reviews to help make an informed decision about a purchase, I find it almost impossible to leave a negative review myself. Ahh! It’s a weird problem to have. I want to be honest and help other people make informed decisions, but I also don’t want to say something negative about someone else. Publicly. Indelibly. I don’t like negativity paired with the permanence of the internet.


  • I worried about my unborn-baby. I tried not to worry. Most of the time, I succeeded in not worrying. But there were times – I couldn’t help it – They* really drum the worry into you – where I just worried that the baby wasn’t moving enough, or something was wrong. Pregbot worries are not a pleasant thing. When I was talking to my mum about this, she basically said: “When I was pregnant, I didn’t even think about anything possibly going wrong! I was just pregnant, and that was that. There wasn’t all the worry there is today.”

* books, internet, midwives, hospital brochures, etc.


OK. Maybe in 5 years I’ll get around to writing “April Updates.” Where I maybe mention that I have, wonderfully, had a new baby. Oh, cliffhanger.

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