Month: April 2016

April Updates

OK! It is still April, so I may need to update this later (if something super exciting happens, like I meet a dolphin, or turn into a butterfly). But for now…


  • I made a new baby. Her name is Sky. She was actually born on 29 March, but I don’t let facts and figures interfere with my blog posts.

Here she is, the day after being born.

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March Updates

Better late than never, right?

March! Oh, so many years ago. What did I do in March?


  • I thought about what I’d like to see on my calendar – what I’d look forward to. And while this would totally not be someone else’s cup of tea, I had to admit… I would enjoy doing a kikki.K workshop. So I booked into an “Organisation workshop.” (I didn’t learn a heck of a lot, but I just really enjoyed the evening!)

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