February Updates

My new rule: No more talking about #productivityporn! No more! Cut it out! No more talk about pomodoros, to-do apps, paper planners, just get on with the doing.

Interesting read: The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

Interesting experience: Escape room!

For James’s birthday last year, I was going to buy him an escape-room-experience for 4 people, but I chickened out, because I wasn’t sure if it would be scary or not. And I didn’t want to go if it was scary. (I can’t watch horror movies. I’m super duper chicken.) But then a couple of friends went, and said that it was fun, and not scary, so I bought James an escape-room-experience for 4 people for Christmas.

We did the Amnesia room in Oakleigh. So, basically, you go into a room, and the staff-person leaves, and then you are “locked” in the room (except there’s a help button and you also have a walkie talkie to communicate with the staff). You just have to look around, and figure out the story of where you are, and by doing so, you come across little puzzles that you need to solve, which lead you to more puzzles… and more puzzles. Until finally, you figure out how to get out of the room!

We had 5 people, and I think it would have been better with about 3. And we agreed afterwards that the story could have been even better put together… but overall, it was something quite different from your usual Saturday night activities, and we had fun and then went to dinner!

My 30-day meditation challenge: I missed 8 days out of 30. On most of those 8 days, I was way too tired (on some of those days, I slept instead of meditating!).

I’ve learned that:

  1. Meditating makes me feel good (warm ‘n’ fuzzies)
  2. It helps with tension, but only if I’m not too tired, and only if I do the full 20 minutes
  3. I really have to persuade myself to do it
  4. I’m more likely to meditate if I set the timer for 10 minutes instead of 20 (and then most often, once I’m into the first 10 minutes, I happily set the timer for another 10 minutes)
  5. Meditating turns me inwards, and makes me feel more quiet. There are pros and cons to this.

PROS: I am a better listener, and more “happy with my lot”. The simple life. And it can relieve stress/tension.

CONS: It doesn’t have the positive effects that daily journalling has, for me. Daily journalling helps me to sort my shit out, come up with new ideas and ambitions, and gets me into a sharing/creating mode where I feel like writing/blogging/making.

Sooooooo, to conclude, I really do prefer journalling. I didn’t feel like writing anything on my blog for most of February, and that sucks, because I enjoy writing here. I’m looking forward to getting back into journalling, and hopefully into a more sharing mood/mode!

New app: I’ve been enjoying A Color Story, a photo-editing app by the team at A Beautiful Mess. I’m pretty bad at getting great lighting in photos, but this app is all about making whites look white (amongst other things!).

For example:


Future planning: I enjoy reading and testing different theories on how to find a job you love.

The other day, whatever I was reading suggested that I think about how I would like to feel when I wake up on Monday morning (for the work week); how I would like to feel when I arrive at work and walk into the workplace; how I would like to feel when I reviewed my tasks/calendar/etc for the day.

Then, it suggested that I imagine (and describe) what that workplace might be like, and what those tasks might be, and what I would be looking forward to on my calendar.

I’m still working on that exercise in a career-related sense, but it got me thinking about my regular (current) calendar. When I browse forward in my calendar, there isn’t anything I’m really looking forward to. Everything is just… stuff that needs to be done. I mean, I love taking my kid to playgroup, for example, because he has a ball, and it’s pleasant enough for me too, but it doesn’t give me that “Yes, I’m looking forward to that!” kinda feeling. Hmmm. I gotta work on that.

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