Material Goods

Just a quickie – here are some little things I’ve bought over the past year that I’ve really liked.


1. Watercolor Flowers iPhone Case

Bought this from Etsy, love it, so cheerful and I like the way the iPhone shows through.





iphone-case-wood-grey2. Grey & Wood Print iPhone Case

I had this one for 2015. Also loved it… gentle and a bit different. Was covered in a million scratches by the end of the year, but due to the print, you could hardly tell.






print-solace3. Solace Print

Bought this as a little Christmas present to myself, to go above my desk – wanted something relaxing. Made in Melbourne! It’s currently being framed and then I’ll be able to hazily dazily gaze at it.





4. Happy Mail

I just bought this as a once-off pack, although it’s actually a subscription service, because it’s so freaking expensive in Australian dollars and being delivered to Australia (one MILLION dollars! sheesh!) but it’s pretty fun – a pack of random cards, postcards, etc, that are designed by A Beautiful Mess.


5. kikki.K Metal Pen

OK, I couldn’t go without adding something from kikki.K here. I love and use so many of their products, but unfortunately they’ve set their website up in a way that you can’t link to anything they don’t stock right now. This pen was actually a gift from James (for Christmas, along with a diary) and it writes beautifully, and looks and feels lovely.


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