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I wanted to do a shout-out to some friends who have wonderful skills as visual artists. I used to think if I worked hard at it, I could build skills as a visual artist too, but then I started teaching myself “how to draw” and realised I don’t find it enjoyable at all. But I’m very glad these people do.


Dani Hunt – @neverlandstudio

Dani is a designer/illustrator/artist. She runs her own business, Neverland Studio. Her pieces are very colourful, often bold, and have lots of interesting textures, patterns and effects!


Melanie Miles – @melanie_miles_

Melanie is also a designer/illustrator/artist. She runs her own business, Hybrid Expression. Her pieces are quite delicate and sweet, and, I think, often inspired by nature.


Allie Ferrett – @ali_hoop_pants

Allie did #the100dayproject last year, doing a drawing or painting each day. Her theme was “circle.” As the days went by, she grew more and more playful with techniques and topics. It was so cool watching her art evolve! The 100 day project is over now, but she’s decided to keep painting every day. (I’m actually hoping to get Allie to create an artwork for our house one day.)


Emily Teds – @emteds

Emily is at the other end of #the100dayproject (well, she’s actually doing a 366-day-project! but anyway) – she has only just begun. These are her very first paintings, and I look forward to seeing how her work evolves. It’s beautiful.

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  1. Allie says:

    Wow Babe! What a lovely post! I feel very honoured :) and you might not enjoy drawing but your written language is delightful. Keep it up, I just love reading your posts! xoxo

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