2016 Resolutions

Beautiful Living

I’ve had a scribble and a think about the new year, and my overarching theme (I always apologise for my dorkiness, but I’d like to stop that. Go dorkiness!) is “Beautiful living.” I read L’Art De Vivre a year ago, and was inspired by something in it – something I’d been thinking about for a while already – the generosity and thoughtfulness and joy de vivre of people who, for example, turn up to a Christmas dinner with a little gift for the host, bonbons, and some nice wine to share. As opposed to: turning up to a Christmas dinner with nothing.

I grew up with thrift shop clothes and hand-me-downs, and very practical and non-opulent values: no brand names on anything, fix and mend things, don’t waste anything, don’t buy new, only buy things on special. It might seem crazy, because that’s all very sensible and smart, but this kinda messed me up in some (minor) ways. I never felt like I could spend money. If I did spend money, it had to be on well-thought-out purchases. There had to be longevity to the purchases. Nothing frivolous or luxurious. This actually meant that I bought more things that I was only OK about – because they were very practical purchases – rather than buying a few key things that felt special and wonderful and that I loved (and would therefore use and use and use to death!).

For example, if I ever came across something like this, my heart would go nuts:


Party shoes 😱🎉 (📷: @thimblepress) #ABMlifeiscolorful

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But there wouldn’t be a chance in heck that I would buy them. Instead, I’d buy some good-quality-but-reasonably-priced black ankle boots, and some tan ankle boots, and some navy ankle boots, and when I opened my wardrobe each day, I wouldn’t jump for joy at all.


I’m gradually ironing that tendency out of myself. I now have, for example, a bling watch that I absolutely love. It’s so sparkly!



My next step in changing – and being able to buy treats / things I actually really like –  was to try increasing my generosity, gift-giving, thoughtfulness, and fun-ness. In 2015, I was trying to sum that up with the phrases “Live big,” and “Get into it,” but they didn’t really work.

So after having a think, I’ve re-branded it “Beautiful living,” and I have that as my overarching theme for the new year, along with sub-themes like Beautiful home, Beautiful friendships, Beautiful blog, and Beautifully organised life. I have these all set up as lists in Todoist, and then I’m adding tasks to help work towards them.


There are two other parts to my resolutions. They’re for my own happiness, because that’s nice to have, and also because when I’m healthy and happy, I’m a better person to everyone around me (and the world in general). The first is “Creative me,” which I need a better name for, but oh well. That’s anything to encourage being creative. The second is “Projects,” because I know I need projects/stimulation/things to work towards. My current project, of course, is Coursera.

C’est ça! Here’s to a beautiful new year. Cheers! 🍾

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