Month: January 2016


I don’t know how long this has been going on, or when it will stop, but I have really noticed lately that I am unequivocally happy. This keeps coming to my attention when I’m around strangers, especially staff in shops: I’ll be ordering a milkshake, and I’ll have the biggest smile on my face, and I’ll say something to the shop-person and feel like I really care about them and their day and their world… and if anything goes wrong, it washes off straight away.

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January Updates

I’ve decided to do a 30-day meditation challenge, where I swap out my morning pages for 20 minutes of meditation. Morning pages clears my mind and helps me to get (and feel) really organised (and sometimes very inspired), so I’ll be interested to see how meditation differs. I can’t fit both into my day at the moment.

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Artist Friends

I wanted to do a shout-out to some friends who have wonderful skills as visual artists. I used to think if I worked hard at it, I could build skills as a visual artist too, but then I started teaching myself “how to draw” and realised I don’t find it enjoyable at all. But I’m very glad these people do.


Dani Hunt – @neverlandstudio

Dani is a designer/illustrator/artist. She runs her own business, Neverland Studio. Her pieces are very colourful, often bold, and have lots of interesting textures, patterns and effects!

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2016 Resolutions

Beautiful Living

I’ve had a scribble and a think about the new year, and my overarching theme (I always apologise for my dorkiness, but I’d like to stop that. Go dorkiness!) is “Beautiful living.” I read L’Art De Vivre a year ago, and was inspired by something in it – something I’d been thinking about for a while already – the generosity and thoughtfulness and joy de vivre of people who, for example, turn up to a Christmas dinner with a little gift for the host, bonbons, and some nice wine to share. As opposed to: turning up to a Christmas dinner with nothing.

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