I’m doing Pomodoro in conjunction with to see how that goes. I want to see Xs in the boxes each day, then maybe I will get onto streaks and feel better about it all; build my daily writing muscles. I like the font, the font size. Simple. Friendly. I’ve hidden the favourites bar and made the website fullscreen so there are no distractions. 55 words. 2 minutes.


In other news, I’ve decided to ferociously attack my small collection of writing paper. SPARK JOY! (Roar! It’s even extra crazier in all-caps!) It’s so dorky, and I know so many people are making fun of the concept, but I’ve got to do it. I know it will work for me. But I need to apply it to an easy category before I look at clothes or books or anything else. With the writing paper, I know there are just a few writing pads that I need to say goodbye to, and then I’ll be left with the ones I really, really like. And I want to write a letter to Michelle, so the tidy-task complements the love-task that I have. Yep, I’m tired and writing in my own weird lingo.


The main task I need to prioritise in January–March is getting my life-admin in order. When Newby comes, I’ll probably stop functioning as a regular human bean for a while, again, so I need to get organised beforehand. I just… don’t know how to make it more enticing for myself. I know that getting organised makes me feel good – it even energises me, and I feel better about myself, more powerful, taller. So the reward is absolutely there. But when it comes to getting on with it – just filing away some papers, sorting through some items, submitting some receipts to my health fund – I’ll do anything but. I’ve tried different approaches:

a) chipping away at it, by designating 15 minutes a day to life-admin
b) prioritising life-admin as #1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that nothing else should take precedence over it

…and it doesn’t work. I still wriggle out of it. I even have beautiful folders for the papers, and labels, and plastic sleeves and pastel dividers… ! If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. I have three months to get my paperwork sorted.


I hadn’t listened to any podcasts for about a year, but I wanted to try the Gretchen Rubin one, Happier, and I needed to find a way to make space/time to listen. So now, when Kit goes to bed, I take the dog for a walk and listen to a podcast. Drew Barrymore was the latest podcast guest. She used the word mellifluous. I like that.


I began my fourth subject in the Interaction Design course this week – Input and Interaction. The end of-week quiz was four mathematical questions. I haven’t done this kind of maths since high school. I had to ask my brother for help – luckily he’s on holidays from university, and he generously came over, explained the formula, and then watched as I applied it to the first question, to make sure that I understood it. After he left, I finished the quiz and got all the answers correct. Yeesh! Funnily enough, when I was searching for information on the formula, I came across this thread on UX Mastery, where someone else was asking if the formula was ever actually applied in the Real World. Not in my experience. University courses are wack.


Tomorrow is NYE day. James and I have invited a couple of friends over for a dorky board games night. (Is there any other kind?) Then we might go to the beach on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, depending on the weather. It’s supposed to be cook-eggs-and-bacon-on-the-pavement-HOT, so the beach plans might catch fire and vanish. I have one favourite “Me Book”, or thinking-on-paper book, so if we go away, I’ll take that and have some thinking-on-paper time. Even though, like I said before, I’m pretty okay with everything at the moment – I don’t think I’ll conjure any mind-blowing resolutions or life changes. If anything, I would like to get some little ideas for miniature projects, because I think personal projects keep you sane when you’re a primary carer.

OK, this has taken waaaaaay longer than one Pomodoro. I’m not sure using will be right for me. I’m just at 750 words… now.

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