Month: December 2015


I’m doing Pomodoro in conjunction with to see how that goes. I want to see Xs in the boxes each day, then maybe I will get onto streaks and feel better about it all; build my daily writing muscles. I like the font, the font size. Simple. Friendly. I’ve hidden the favourites bar and made the website fullscreen so there are no distractions. 55 words. 2 minutes.

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End of 2015

It’s almost 2016! I know I’ve said this before, but I like the start of a new year. So arbitrary, but symbolic and meaningful to me. Like a clean, washed face, ready to go.

I haven’t been writing here because – while I’d made it a task in Todoist – it was, in my mind, an optional task. Something I could do if I had the time / had the inclination / had the inspiration / at the end of the day. There’s no point listing a task if it feels optional like that. So, I gotta think of this as more important. Must-do. Priority.

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Babby Stuff – Part 2

(Continued from Babby Stuff – Part 1.)

#newmum + happiness


The first few weeks were okay. I’d made the decision to leave regular life for a little while — no household chores, no pants, that sort of thing. James had 3 weeks off. The baby slept, fed, cried. We all slept, on and off, from 5pm-12pm, and from 12pm-5pm, we had lots of visitors. We were in lala land.

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