Holiday Snippet

We had been on holiday for 1.5 weeks before our first experience hiring a babysitter… James was enjoying spending time with his kid, didn’t want a babysitter, even though every resort offered very affordable nannies and babysitters and kids clubs. Finally, he caved. At this particular resort, the staff were extra super duper friendly and kind and trustworthy. For two nights in a row, we gave our child away to a foreigner, and we had dinner out, just us.

On the second night, at dinner, James asked: “What do you think Kit is up to right now?”

I replied: “The Times crossword. He’s under his sheet, with a tiny torch, doing The Times crossword.”

James pretended to be a baby doing a crossword, and tapped the air with his finger, as though counting boxes Across. “Da, da, da, da… A-goo.”

“Yep,” I said, and I could see James’s eyes welling up with happy-fond-feelings, because we both knew it was true.

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