Month: August 2015

Paper Planner

For the past few years I’ve used Trello as my planner (one for personal, one for work, one for each project/client, and so on!) and I’ve loved it.

Here’s my personal planner in Trello:

A side effect of being a parent, however, is that I’m not using electronic devices 24/7. For some reason, the last thing I want to do while the baby is napping is to get out my computer and look at emails or my planner or… anything, really. Same goes for my phone.

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Holiday Snippet

We had been on holiday for 1.5 weeks before our first experience hiring a babysitter… James was enjoying spending time with his kid, didn’t want a babysitter, even though every resort offered very affordable nannies and babysitters and kids clubs. Finally, he caved. At this particular resort, the staff were extra super duper friendly and kind and trustworthy. For two nights in a row, we gave our child away to a foreigner, and we had dinner out, just us.

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