Midnight Scrawl

Ha, ha, ha. I’m so funny! “I’ll write every night.” “It doesn’t matter if it’s 10:00pm!” “I can get a rhythm with this, I just need to be a night-writer.” “This dark house is mine.” Oh, so funny!

Well, that was on Tuesday night, and that night, I think I had about three hours of sleep. SOMEONE (not looking at anyone in particular…) was teething. Again. Even though they purchased two brand new teeth last week, they had to go back to the store and buy another two. Tuesday night = sleepless. Wednesday night = sleepless. Thursday night = exhausted, catching up on sleep. Friday night = exhausted, catching up on sleep. So here we are, Saturday night (party!!!!!!!) and it’s almost midnight and I’m stupidly writing in my diary. Especially stupid because… James and I have a deal, which is: Saturday mornings, he takes the first shift, and I get a sleep-in. Sunday mornings, I take the first shift, and he gets a sleep-in. (Monday to Friday, we are both awake and share the first shift, which is a nicer feeling really: everyone has breakfast as a family, etc.) So if SOMEONE (hey, good name, we should have called him that) decides to wake up at no-good-o-clock in the morning, I’ll be eating a big slice of regret pie. It’s my shift in the morning.

Hopefully he won’t buy any more teeth on the internet. We’ve set parental controls.

In other news, I am rather enjoying the following inputs:
Halt and Catch Fire season 2
Sense8 season 1
Mr Robot season 1

I am not particularly enjoying the following inputs:
News media (I accidentally read “The Age” this week and in a prominent opinion piece, which happened to say nothing at great length, there was the word “their0”. How on earth does that get past spellcheck?! Dad also found spelling/grammatical errors in the main editorial! Good grief!)
A book called “One Day”

I was In the bath tonight (I meditate in the bath when I can; I feel like I won’t be disturbed there and so it makes it easier to meditate) and I was thinking about how, sometimes, I spend time doing something that, in retrospect, I didn’t really enjoy doing. Facebook, of course. It was good when I was a new mother (the day-to-day loneliness when you have a newborn baby is so, so, so horrible, because all they really do is eat and sleep, and they can’t smile or anything, so you can’t interact with them, and you’ve completely lost your identity and lifestyle and friends and workmates and all of your sleep…) and when I was recovering from a car crash (another story, another day), but that’s it. It is a terrible time-vampire. Twitter, too. And some other apps… like Reminders, Calendar, Messages, Mailbox, Trello, Wunderlist. Yes, they’re useful, but I can also spend time getting-myself-organised or dilly-dallying-around in them. And afterwards I may think: Um, I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on that thing.

My point is, I’ve rearranged all the apps on my phone (can we stop calling them phones and start calling them computers or something that makes more sense?) so that the apps on my home screen and in the bottom bar (the dock) are not time-suck apps, but rather… apps that I feel will feed my imagination. I’m left with:
Homescreen: Photos, Camera, Google Maps, Podcasts, ABC Radio, SBS Chill
Dock: Phone, Notes, Music

Gotta run. It’s past midnight. I’m a duffer.

Tomorrow is packing day ::::::: we leave for Fiji on Monday!


  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve spent the entire night on time sucking apps and I LOVED IT. But then I don’t have a family member squawking about his bad purchasing decisions. I’m just awake of my on volition. The thing is I’m actually full of brain activity after watching The Misfits at the film festival this afternoon. Just thinking about it and thinking about it and youtubing Marilyn Monroe and John Houston and Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift clips. Oh and then I decided it was HIGH time I compiled my list of favourite songs – with associated links. Then I started watching some of MY OWN old videos – like you and Will and Me at a CSS talk at LOOP, and bands playing, and Jet running around, and Tandia singing, then spent some time searching real estate in Melbourne (as you do) oh and our place in Oxford Street is up for rent so it’s available if we want it again. And now it’s 3:23am and I just read your blog post and I’m very excited for you and your fam to be going to Fiji as the wind howls around the corners of my house and I wonder if the bunny roof that always blows off has blown off but I’m not going out there to check because they have tons of places – nice dry snug places – they could be if that roof has lost it’s feng shui. Night fox. Hope your special someone sleeps til late.

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