I have refined my goals. I now have 6 activities that I want to become daily habits. They are:

Funnily enough, if I abscond from sleep, trying to fit something else in (like writing this), everything falls to pieces. But if I get good sleep, I’m able to prioritise and have self-control and realise when I’m wasting time on something that I don’t even enjoy doing (e.g. reading any “top” article on The Guardian).

Some goals were ditched because they are already habits:

  • Socialise
  • Meditate/Morning pages
  • Optimism

Some goals were ditched because they weren’t really helping to build habits, so they were just muddying the whole exercise:

  • Gratitude – I can see that keeping a gratitude book makes me feel better/lighter, but I honestly have too many things I’m trying to keep up at the moment.
  • Laugh – Looking at this word everyday didn’t help me to feel/act funnier or lighter!
  • Touch – Same. This didn’t help me be physically affectionate to others. I think being in a really good frame of mind has the roll-on effect of both laughter and touch, so I need to find that, instead.

And some were restructured:

  • Challenge – This was too wishy-washy, so I’ve changed it to “Reading.” I know that, to help me become a better writer, I need to become a better reader as well, so this is a must.
  • Artist date – This was the label used in “The Artist’s Way” book, but I’ve renamed it “Inspiration” for my own needs. I know the kind of input that feeds my imagination. (Ah! I’m going to rename it “Imagination” from now on.) New experiences, movies, TV shows, books, juicy conversations with excellent conversationalists, talks, travel, art shows, theatre, blogs, letter writing, learning/classes/courses, a coffee date or a wine date or a shopping date by myself… These are all things that I love doing.

I was thinking about my time dilemma today, and I think I need to sacrifice part of my old “Creative Days” method, in which I prioritised creative tasks on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and I prioritised sensible tasks (you know the sort) on the other days. (Like spending time with my partner. Or folding some washing. Or paying a bill.) I think I do need consistency with sitting down at the desk (or as they say, “Showing up”). So on “Creative Days” I can sit down at the desk at night, because the night is all mine; on the other days, I can sit down at the desk at night, after I’ve done… my sensible tasks. Even if it’s 10pm.

I’m using a Muji diffuser as a lamp. It has 4 drops of oil in it: gently covering me with “beautiful baby hush” mist. The diffuser is set for 60 minutes. This dark house is mine.


  1. Lewoo says:

    I think if you ‘ditched’ them for already being habits, then you’ve actually ‘achieved’ them :) tick!
    I have had an acronym to help me do a quick check occasionally if I’m feeling overwhelmed. I made it when I was trying to think about the basic things I want to get out of each day that wil make me feel good, or feel ‘productive’ – which is a word I always get stuck with! It is FFL. Fitness, Fun and Learning. If I can tick that I have done something towards each of these things per day, it helps me feel settled. If one is missing, I feel it helps me to realise why I might feel unsettled! Eg Fun could be laughter, YouTube vids, travels, blog posts, photography.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love and completely agree with this Top 6 except I read the first one as nuture not nature….not sure what that says about my head space right now ;)

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