Month: July 2015

Midnight Scrawl

Ha, ha, ha. I’m so funny! “I’ll write every night.” “It doesn’t matter if it’s 10:00pm!” “I can get a rhythm with this, I just need to be a night-writer.” “This dark house is mine.” Oh, so funny!

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Reading & Writing

There are so many things to write about, but I guess all I can start with, to avoid being frozen-by-choice, is with the here-and-now. It’s 10:15pm on a Monday night. I want/need to pursue my own interests again, but I also want to be there for my kid. (There’s a book called The Divided Heart that I’d like to read, about women who are split between motherhood and their creative interests, but I’m not allowed to buy it. I have a whole shelf of intriguing-but-unread books! I’m only allowed to buy another new book if I read 20 books from the Unread Shelf. It’s gonna take a while.)

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