Cuss! (Or: Zen MF)

The only plan I have for parenting (cover your ears if you don’t like cuss words) is that I want to be a zen motherfucker. I know that sounds ridiculous; everyone probably sets out with the best intentions to be a chilled parent, but then life actually happens and all those crazy notions go out the window. (And… maybe a kid doesn’t want a chilled parent? Maybe they want someone lively, energetic, full of action and excitement and spontaneity and wildness.)

But! My instinct is: I want to aim for Zen MF. I love being around really chilled-out people – relaxed, laid-back, tolerant, warm & loving – I like the way they influence my outlook and behaviour. Like the cafe worker in Byron Bay. Life seems more beautiful when you’re really relaxed, or when you’re around really relaxed people. Though, super-chilled people are strikingly rare. Whenever I meet one (about once a year, I reckon!) I am jolted into recognising, in comparison, how much I’m still affected by stress. Even teeny tiny stresses.

I will soon find out if my intentions work In Real Life or not.

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