Third Trimester

On Sunday, I officially entered the third trimester. Apparently, the first trimester is hard (sickness, weirdness, body changing, mind adjusting, getting your head around hospital appointments and nobody telling you what it’s all about and all the things you need to find or buy), the second trimester is easy, and then… the third trimester is hard again (back pain, lots of discomfort, wanting it to be over, pain and more pain). So, yay! I’ve got that to look forward to.

Last week I had to do the gestational diabetes test. It was awful. I’d been told it was – “you have to drink this foul-tasting drink, and then you feel sick and need to lie down” – and then they gave me the drink and it didn’t taste too bad, and I thought that maybe it had been misrepresented. Sure, I completely lost three hours from my day, because I felt light-headed and couldn’t think, and they needed to run three blood tests over two hours, and then I needed to sloooowwwwly go (feeling like a ghost) and find food… to try to feel normal again.

But then! Later that day, I started feeling really sick, and I was quite unwell for a couple of days. Really, I think men should be having some of these babies. It’s unfair that we have to cop alla this.

I think we’re set, though. Baby is kicking away, the nursery is 99% done. (The kicking and moving-about-inside-of-me is very much not comfortable. And I’m as slow as an elephant. Yesterday I walked from Bourke St to Collins St – it took a long time – and needed to sit down afterwards!) I think… the only thing we haven’t sorted is the car capsule. Which is, in a way, the most important thing, because you can’t drive away from the hospital with your baby unless you have a proper baby capsule.

This coming weekend, we have a full-day Parenting Workshop. I guess they teach us how to raise our voices, be irrational, and say things like, “You’re not going out dressed like that, are you?”

I’m travelling by train to Sydney next week for UX Australia, and then I have 2 months left before I start my new job as Parent. I’ll be freelancing in September and October… and presumably resembling a watermelon more and more each day… then, November. Bam. New job. I haven’t checked yet, but I hope there are good opportunities for promotion and professional development.

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