Babe Prep

The day had to come when I created a TRULY AWFUL photo collage. That day is today.

I kept on delaying writing this post because I didn’t have the time to make the photos look nice, but as some people say, it’s better that something is done than good (or something like that!) so. No more delay.

To begin with, thinking about Having A Baby, it was such a world of unknowns that I had my typical reaction (like every year at tax time) where I just avoid it, because I feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, a sweetheart friend-of-a-friend sent me an email with tips on what I needed to know, and even though it was really long, I gradually started working through it (with my mum – it has been incredibly helpful to have someone willing to help with this preparation!).

After reading through the list several times, and going to some baby stores to get less overwhelmed (again, with mum, dog bless her!) I gradually become more and more familiar with what the items were, how important they were, how much they might cost, and what I wanted to do about them.

In the end:

  • borrowed my childhood cradle from mum and dad
  • bought a second-hand cot and change table from eBay ($66)
  • buying a second-hand pram from eBay (I have set my limit to $500)
  • was given some cloth and disposable nappies from James’s sister
  • was given some bottles and pump from James’s sister
  • was given a baby carrier from James’s sister
  • need to rent a car capsule
  • need to get a baby bath
  • need to get nappy buckets
  • mum bought some initial baby clothes and sheets/blankets! (I think she’s addicted to cute small baby things. And that’s okay by me.)

DONE! Call me crazy, but I figure I can get anything else when I need it. Like if the baby has a craving for a gigantic toy snake, or a flourescent orange beanie, then I will deal with that then.

Oh. There are three more things I wanted to say.

1. Colour palette.

We’re having a boy. But if you know anything about me, you might know I have an allergic reaction to sexism and gender stereotypes and all that jazz. So, to prepare everyone for my resistance to baby-blue-sheets-with-trains and baby-blue-clothing-with-trucks, I made a colour palette for the kid, because I’m a dork.

2. Nursery surprise.

We bought the cot and change-table from eBay, but had to go and pick them up from… somewhere near the airport. We set aside the next weekend to get them. Then I came home one night, and found that… mum and dad had already picked them up for us, AND brought them over when James was home, AND put them in the baby’s room, AND fully stocked them with things (mum has stocked the change table with everything we might need!), AND and and. I couldn’t believe it. My parents are so generous and kind. I was pretty emo when I saw it all.

3. The weirdness.

I have a human inside me, and that is really weird. Every now and then, I can feel it moving around inside me, and that is really, really, really, really, really, really weird. It’s reassuring, because I know he’s awake and doing yoga or whatever, but still, it’s so weird!

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