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Any remnant writing routines I had have jumped out the window. I wrote a draft about the pitches at Startup Weekend Melbourne Women (from 18 May! crikey!) and it’s still waiting to be finished. I’ve been working lots, and going home tired, and spending weekends preparing for this new job, “Parent,” which I hope to get in November. I kinda like the title — it’s not fluffy or buzzwordy.

Aside from all that, I’ve been doing some side projects. Girls Club events, like the Sex Ed Workshop, and a photo shoot with 10 girls and Cheryl Lin, to get some nice street-style-but-professional shots that they can use however they want. (Example here.) I wish I could do even more with Girls Club – there are so many possibilities – for example, I’d really like to look at the way girls are presenting themselves online (e.g. LinkedIn) and cross-check that with how they want to be perceived, and do a project around that. But I only have two heads, and side projects are often surprisingly… big.

Occasionally, I get along to meetups. I’ve enjoyed Product Anon, Girls Club (duh!) and some side events by Girl Geek Dinners. I’m looking forward to checking out Girl Geek Academy and UX Mastery meetups.

And… I’ve also led a couple of UX sessions at meetups. The first was The 5 Skills for UX Mastery, a super fun workshop, which I ran with Matthew Magain (from UX Mastery) at Product Anon. The second was “An Introduction to UX” at WordChicks (a sub-meetup of WordPress Melbourne). Here’s my handout from the session.

I was pretty concerned that the audience would be frustrated by my approach, because when people want to learn about UX, they want to learn “the rules” – like how many words per page, what colours to use, how big to make buttons, what to put on the home page, etc – and I really wanted to communicate that everything in UX is flexible, and the most important thing is to test your assumptions. Anyway, afterwards I had some nice feedback, so I am less worried now. Maybe.

[Image source: jenclarkdesign on Instagram]


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