Month: June 2014

Pregnancy Bug Reports


Steps: Went off the pill.
Expected result: Get pregnant at some point. Probably will take months.
Actual result: Took 2 months.

Steps: Got pregnant.
Expected result: That’s it. You’re pregnant.
Actual result: First 13 weeks filled with anxiety, because 1 in 4 (some even say 1 in 3) pregnancies fail in first trimester. This thing is basically still completely up in the air!

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I keep thinking that I have free days coming up, and that I’ll be able to write all the things I want to write, and finish the drafts that I have. Then my freelance work stint gets extended with a company, or new work comes in, and before you know it, I have no free days and it’s like I’m working full-time, pretty much.

Having a situation where you’re freelancing but you keep 1-2 days per week free for your own projects is harder that I thought it would be. Freelance work is really good, though – I’m working on a much greater variety of projects and types of work than I’ve ever done before in my life – and I love working with different companies and meeting new people and adapting to different ways of working (and learning how different companies do things; it’s fascinating!).

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