On Friday 14 March, I did a pregnancy test and it showed two lines. Bam! I immediately bought Elevit (vitamins for pregnancy) so that my body would have all the right vitamins/etc, and nausea pills (they’re mostly ginger) just in case I felt sick (such a good decision… because it happened straight away).

I saw the doctor on the following Monday and found out that I was in “week 5”. For some freakin’ nutso reason, you calculate weeks from the first date of your last actual period, and that week is “week 0”. Say what?! So, anyway – week 5 to week 7 is the mostly likely time for nausea, and that’s what I had, every now and then. And I was crazy tired the whole time, losing a few full days to sleep.

But the really sucky part? As of when I found out (end of week 4), until last Friday (end of week 13), I had 9 weeks of awful, sometimes quite stressful limbo. Because:

  1. 15-20% of pregnancies in the first trimester fail, and you have no idea when it might fail
  2. The done-thing is to not tell anyone you’re pregnant during this trimester, because a failed pregnancy is something people typically want to keep secret; so you’re all alone with your stress and concern
  3. The first ultrasound and key blood tests aren’t done until the end of the first trimester, and these let you know if your baby is progressing normally & healthily or not, so even if you don’t miscarry, you still have to wait for a combined report from the ultrasound and blood tests!

So… when it got to week 11, I wasn’t feeling any less concern. I still had two weeks left of this limbo – and then coincidentally, freelance work started pouring in. I decided to give myself two weeks off my normal tasks, and focus on work, work, work. Two weeks break.

I’ve been basically working full-time since then, at two different companies, and that’s been great. The variety of projects is fantastic.

On Friday 16 May, the tests came back. As far as they can see, all good.



  1. Shannon says:

    You know when you are so ecstatic about a really awesome thing that is going on in your friend’s life, and you think, ‘I hope they are feeling 1 million times that’? Yeah, that. <3

    • Fox says:

      I think I will feel it more when I’m bigger… at the moment I don’t feel any different, you know?! So it’s weird.

  2. Libby says:

    Oooooh, congratulations to both of you!!!!!! Wonderful news. And sorry about my clueless alcohol questions the other night, aaargh. Stupid brain.

    • Fox says:

      Not at all! We had to keep up this pretense of “Nah, I’m just not drinking…” for 3 months, which was really dumb and annoying. I wish people could start being more open and honest about pregnancy/miscarriage in the first trimester, so that we don’t have to play these stupid games. I wonder if men were able to get pregnant, if they would do it this way – or if they would be more open about pregnancy/miscarriage.

      • Libby says:

        Phew! And yeah, I don’t really understand just how taboo it is to reveal a pregnancy in the first 3 months either. Even if (not talking about you here! just waffling generally) there was a miscarriage, why should a couple have to go through that alone? Fair enough if they’d rather keep it private, it just seems like people aren’t given much choice.

        Ahh, pregnant men. I have a friend who swears she will not get pregnant until someone invents a uterus backpack so that the man can share the pregnancy work. So far, she’s sticking to it!

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